Documentation overview


Contains some frequently asked questions about Quasar

Quick reference manual

Describes the Quasar programming language, introduces high-level parallel and serial programming concepts and best practices

Function reference

Lists Quasar functions per topic/application

Knowledge base

Information on issue-related material (e.g., related to CUDA-specific topics)

Optimization guide

Gives an overview of how to optimize code written in Quasar.

Graphics Guide

Gives an overview of the Quasar graphics library

External interface reference

Describes the Quasar external interfaces (two-way interoperability with C#, F#, C/C++, CUDA)

CUDA guide

Gives information on how to use specific CUDA features from Quasar

Algorithmic Differentiation (new)

Quasar supports algorithmic differentiation (a.k.a. automatic differentiation), a technique to differentiate functions using source-to-source transformations


Provides some numerical results (computational performance, development speed) for programs written in Quasar


An extensive number of code tutorials on Quasar

Query and answer

Report bugs, ask questions not being answered in the documentation