Export redistributable package cannot find CUDA.NET.dll

Q&AExport redistributable package cannot find CUDA.NET.dll
Frank Vernaillen asked 4 years ago

I am experimenting with the Redshift functionality to export a redistributable package. It fails however with “An error occurred while creating the package: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Quasar\NewestVersion\CUDA.NET.dll'”
I do not have a C:\Quasar folder. Since I installed Quasar into E:\Program Files, the path to the .dll really is E:\Program Files\Quasar\CUDA.NET.dll.
At the time this error occurs, the Export redistributable package dialog says “Making zip file… compressing CUDA.NET.dll”.
My export settings were “Make Library” and “Binaries”.

1 Answers
bgoossen Staff answered 4 years ago

There is a mistake – the Quasar installer does not set “root-path” in Quasar.Packaging.xml yet. For the time being, could you modify “Quasar.Packaging.xml” on your computer (open in a text editor with administrator rights) and put “<root-path>E:\Program Files\Quasar</root-path>” , then it should work. In the meantime we will fix this issue.